My voting experience

I live near a large town/city, but I'm on the outskirts so my actual voting place is a tinsy, wentsy, little hole in the wall. It only has to serve about 500 people so it doesn't need to be much.

I stroll in, not knowing what to expect after hearing the news, I'm thinking to myself maybe "I should have brought my camera". But it's more like Cheers than a voting place in a swing state. I felt like Norm as people called out my name, and rushed through a mountain of paperwork looking to check my eligibility.

"What party are you?" my neighbor asked. "Kinda rude" I thought, but I don't care "Democrat" I yelled back. I only recently became a democrat, I've always been a registered republican. My republican mayor, and next door neighbor winced at the news. "Since when" he asked. "Since about a month ago... Only so much bush a person can take" I responded. I didn't have a clue about politics, when a high school teacher passed out registration forms all those years ago. So meh... When I renewed my drivers license, I changed it... anyway...

They wanted to know what party I was, because off in the corner was a little old man with a list of registered democrats in my area. He checked off my name, and explained that any democrats that haven't voted by 5 or 6 o'clock will get a phone call reminding them to vote.

Pretty impressive. So I voted for Kerry (Kick ass!), and went home. I laughed about how behind republicans are when it come to getting out the vote. I plopped in front of my TV, and Michael Moore's was on MSNBC (cool).

Mike said everything was going fine in Florida. "So far, so good" in Ohio too Mike said, and I actually got a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I thought for a moment that in the end, we're all Americans, and everyone no-matter who they support will get to vote ;)

back to reality...

republicans, who have said in the past that if they are going to win in PA they need to suppress the vote, are doing just that. Claiming that voting machines in the heavily democratic Philly area are rigged, the republicans are suing, and crying foul... Their claims won't hold up, but that doesn't matter, 'cause they did what they wanted to do, and that was suppress the vote.

scumbags. that's all they are.

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