What is a neocon?

First off the word is spelled "Neocon", and not Neo-con". That being said I will be spelling it "Neo-con" for the rest of my life, because I think it looks better. ...and that's a good enough reason for me.

So what is a Neo-con?

Well if you look up the word "neocon" you'll get wonderful definitions like:

neoconservative: a conservative who subscribes to neoconservativism

...(thanks for nothing)

If you look up "neoconservativism" you'll get:
neoconservativism - an approach to politics or theology that represents a return to a traditional point of view (in contrast to more liberal or radical schools of thought of the 1960s)

(these people are worthless)

If you continue to search, you'll get definitions that are either wrong, worthless, or based on historic events that are not relevant to todays politics. This is one of todays largest political theories, and no one seems to understand it. Or worse, no one cares.

I infact do care. So here is my definition of a Neo-con:

A Neo-con is a person who subcribes to the political theory that America should promote it's "best interest". That "best interest" consisting of, and based on the belief that, America's primary interest is to increase the profitability of American based businesses.

In part, this theory is an evolution of the belief that "a corporation has the responsibility to do everything within it's power to ensure a profit for it's shareholders". In Neoconservativism it is America's responsibility to ensure a political climate in which American businesses can be profitable.

Examples of Neoconservativism in practice include:


-Free Trade With China


-The Invasion of Iraq

-Arms Proliferation

-Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

-Work visa's for Mexican immigrants

-Tort reform

-Outlawing Personal Bankruptcy

-The Removal of Graduated Tax Systems

-Privatizing Social Security

Although many of the above stated examples of neoconservativism appear to fit into the conservative agenda, they are infact an abomination, and in stark contrast to more traditional conservatist views.

For Example: Traditional conservativism dictates a "hands-off" approach with regards to the internal workings of foreign governments. Neoconservativism, in practice, advocates the use of war, bribery, sanctions, and ostrization when dealing with foreign governments that are opposed to accepting a monetary system based on purist capitalism.

Traditional conservativism also dictates that America's government should only be as large as necessary, should take a "hands-off" approach to the everyday lives of it's citizens, and should be submissive to the values and beliefs of it's citizens. To the contrary, Neoconservativism advocates that the American government should promote American businesses internally, while limiting it's citizens ability to object to the practices of said businesses.

Simply put, Neoconservativism is the belief that nothing should stand in the way of an American companies ability to make a profit...

...not even America.

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