So I flipped passed a "special" Abrams Report on Scott Peterson being found guilty... and wow!

I mean, sure they convicted a man that even I could have got off, and it looks like they kicked the one guy who thought Scott was innocent off the jury... but I don't wanna talk about that.

I want to talk about the professionalism of Dan Abrams!

Ya know, it's not easy being a talk show host. What with off screen producers bugging you about commercial breaks, and fact checkers pointing out that the person you're interviewing is a freaking idiot... ya know, Dan has it pretty rough.

...but even with all that going on Dan has been able to appear, in the least, competent. As he selflessly delved into the world of Scott Peterson again, and again, and again...

...and as I watched last night I was amazed by Dan's ability to conduct himself as a professional. Basing his career on tabloid obsession of a few hundred thousand people, Dan must have known that this could very well be his last show, and yet Dan bravely soldiered on, even when forced to speak over the loud "flushing" sound in the background.

I'm inspired by you Dan. Even though, you know full well, that your career is over, you still find the strength to pretend that it isn't.


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