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Malnutrition Rate Doubles For Iraqi Children

Washington Post reports the acute malnutrition rate among young children in Iraq has nearly doubled since the US invaded the country 20 months ago. An estimated 400,000 children now suffer from the condition known as "wasting" which is characterized by chronic diarrhea and dangerous deficiencies of protein. The country now has malnutrition rates higher than Uganda and Haiti.

Congress Moves To Further Restrict Access to Abortions

In news from Capitol Hill, Congress approved a massive $388 billion spending bill on Saturday. While the bill curtailed federal spending in most non-defense areas it also included provisions that may restrict the right of women to obtain abortions and the number of students who can receive college aid. The bill includes a provision that will make it easier for health care providers and insurance companies to refuse to provide abortions or offer abortion counseling. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California described the amendment as "essentially a domestic gag rule" that will restrict access to abortion counseling, referral and information. Pelosi criticized the amendment which she said will essentially allow hospitals and health care companies to ignore Roe v Wade.

100,000 College Students To Lose Federal Aid

The New York Times reports another part of the massive spending bill will result in nearly 100,000 college students losing all of their federal grants to go to school. Another million students could lose some of their federal grant funding according to statistics by the American Council on Education.

Tens Of Thousands Protest U.S. Policies Around Globe

Middle East analyst Juan Cole reports that anti-U.S., anti-war protests were carried out around the world this weekend. In Chile, 30,000 took to the streets Sunday to protest President Bush and his visit to Santiago. 5,000 Turks rallied to denounce the Fallujah attack. Thousands protested against the US war in Libya. In Gaza over 4,000 took part in protests against the israeli occupation and the occupation of Iraq. And last Wednesday saw 13,000 Greeks took to the streets to protest the US.

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