there is just too much filth these days

I really hate to say it, but Janet Jackson's boob is a perfect example of what's wrong with this country. I just watched "Rambling Rose" on Showtime/HBO/whatever. It's a nice, laid-back, 30's era movie... that is except for the scene where a 13 year old boy fingerbangs Laura Dern's character. Real classy.

I bought Shrek 2, which sucks by the way, talk about phoning it in... The first Shrek had something, some spark that the sequel just does not have. And the second one is just a "Meet the Parents" wannabe combined with a couple of other movies not worth remembering. Though there is one thing that the sequel has, that the first doesn't. Puss-n-boots licking his balls.... Yep, didn't see that commin'

Speakin' of commin'... did Outcast haft to include the line "just wanna make you cumma" in "Hey Ya!"? Try explaining that one to your little sister.

They ran "Saving Private Ryan" on ABC this week. Unedited.

Why? What was the reasoning behind this decision? Is it because you can't spell F.U.B.A.R. without the "fucked-up"?

Or maybe they ran it because it was the only "war movie" they could find that dealt with a war, and not the justification of one.

"Saving Private Ryan" is a good film, but it's no "Schindler's List". It's not even close. Maybe that's why they had to run it. Don't wanna look like your criticizing junior.

Or maybe they were in it for the shock ratings. Sure "Schindler's List" can touch your soul, but it doesn't use the word "fuck" nearly enough for today's audience.

Oh-well, I guess it's no worse than anything else they run in primetime these days.

I know I sound whinny, but there used to be movies and songs so beautiful that they changed your life...

Now it's like being tricked into listening to some pervert's joke... you hear the first part, and just cringe as you wait for the punchline.

Edit: After writing this bitchfest, I noticed that everything in the news today has morals involved in it in some way, so I'm bumping the post time, for this post, up an hour, so that it will be my top story/thought

p.s. kinda creepy how I sometimes wake up "on topic"


Stewart said...

If "Janet Jackson's boob is a perfect example of what's wrong with this country" then I don't think we have anything to worry about. Janet Jackson's boob isn't the cause of divisive politics, the crisis in Iraq, eroding civil liberties, lack of fiscal discipline, etc.

The reason that Janet Jackson's boob is an issue at all is because the majority of our country likes to make issues out of things like that, and Jackson and Timberlack knew that, and exploited it. If the country didn't demand an escalation of dramatics, violence, and sexuality in our media, then it would not be so.

As for Private Ryan: Does it make sense to show a group of war-torn, traumatized soldiers running around the French countryside saying things like "Golly" and "Shucks" as they kill German soldiers? Doesn't realism count for anything? Whether the movie is as good as Schindler's List is beside the point.

The Warrior Lost said...

"Janet Jackson's boob isn't the cause of divisive politics"

But it, alone, is a divisive issue. It's one of those "moral issues" that republicans love to hold over the democrats heads. It even feeds into their whole "liberal elite" theory. They use it as a wedge, and they win.

...and then the whole "crisis in Iraq, eroding civil liberties, lack of fiscal discipline, etc." stuff starts.