Very imformative story on Michael Scheuer


One of the Central Intelligence Agency's foremost experts on Osama bin Laden has stepped out of the shadows and joined the public debate over past mistakes and future strategy in the war on terror.

Michael Scheuer is the senior intelligence analyst who created and advised a secret CIA unit for tracking and eliminating bin Laden since 1996. He's also been at the center of a battle between the CIA and the White House over Mideast policy and the war on terror.

What is new for Scheuer - who resigned from the intelligence agency on Friday after 22 years - is commenting by name. This summer, he authored a book, "Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror," under the pen name Anonymous.


Scheuer says in May 2003, Osama bin Laden secured a fatwa - an Islamic decree - from a Saudi sheik saying he would be justified in using nuclear weapons against Americans, in retaliation for Muslims who have died.

It really is a really, really good article.


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