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Let save this girl's life

13-year-old Lauren Rainey is full of life. She's smart, outgoing, and always smiling. Her nurse describes her as a drama queen. At school she is the class clown.


To help her breathe, Lauren is hooked up to an oxygen machine and a humidifing mist machine. Lauren's doctor said her airway is restricted to the size of the end of an ink pen.

"That's why she is constantly suctioned. She is always getting plugged up," added Laura. Lauren's airway is suctioned several times an hour to prevent her from suffocating.

Due to her medical condition, Lauren requires 24-hour a day supervision. Medicaid currently provides her a trained nurse for 10 hours a day.

But a recent letter from Alabama Medicaid says a decision has been made to eliminate Lauren's care.

Call Dr. Mary McIntyre, Medical Director of Alabama Medicaid, and ask her why she wants Lauren Rainey to die.

(334) 353-8473

...you may also email mmcintyre@medicaid.state.al.us (thanks to the ll)

Credit: Atrios

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