Well I'll be...

Did you see the cute little story about Bill Gates getting 4 Million E-Mails a Day?

Could it have just been a cover story? Distracting attention from the fact that Bill has been accused of destroying e-mails?

from Sacbee

Microsoft Corp. developed policies stressing the systematic destruction of internal e-mails and other documents crucial to lawsuits it has faced in recent years, a California software company alleges.

Burst.com, in court papers unsealed this week, also accuses Microsoft of destroying e-mails crucial to Burst's lawsuit against the software giant even after the trial judge ordered it to retain the documents.

Burst had previously claimed that Microsoft deleted e-mails it needed for evidence. But the unsealed 50-page motion, filed Oct. 29, provides new details, Burst says, of "institutional policies" by Microsoft "to make sure that incriminating documents disappeared."

ya just can't trust anything these days

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