My final word on the Stupid South

I think this "Can the dems win the south?", "Are the dems out of touch?","Can the dems ever win again?" stuff is just stupid.

We are talking about one election! Who Cares?

If the dems can change the minds of 50,000 people in Ohio the republicans will never win again. 'cause that's all they won by folks.

and I've become convinced that, whether or not it mattered, junior and the GOP did everything in their power to literally steal this election, from the look of how things are going, junior better break out the bibles, 'cause we may have a recount before his inauguration.

County after county in Ohio, it looks like the GOP committed voter fraud, on such a massive scale, that I don't even know where to begin talking about it. Same with Florida. Same with half the country, and no one is even looking at the red states, where junior could have really run up his numbers in the popular vote.

Which would just be another example of the South getting what it votes for. bush's moral depth is about dime-deep.

I heard an argument that the south feels victimized. I got news for 'em, they are.

Don't they ever ask themselves "Where are all the southern elites?" They keep talking about northerners, and their fancy schools. Why doesn't the south have fancy schools?

Lets name the southern voting block for what it really is "Welfare Republicans"

It's the blue states that are carrying them, while they sit on their asses all damn day, and then they go on TV and tell the world how they're proud to be stupid by saying "bush cares about my values"... Bull Shit!

The south wouldn't be the throw-back, gooberland that it is if the republican party didn't exploit them every chance they got.

It's bush's use of the bait and switch that turned gay marriage into privatizing Social Security, that turned the pro-life argument into tort reform.

It's not the liberals job to inform or appeal to the south. All they need to do is seal up one or two more states, and then the south can be forgotten again. Let the republicans deal with 'em, they've been doing a real bang-up job so for.

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