Right wingers attack Keith Olbermann

from Bill Steigerwald, Pittsburgh Live

Olbermann, however, really made a Dan Rather of himself last week.

He never directly charged that Republicans stole the election or demanded that Karl Rove should be picked up for questioning by the U.N. But for 15 minutes on Monday, Olbermann pointed to a "small but blood-curdling group of reports of voting irregularities and possible fraud" from across the country, topped it with some vague partisan innuendo from Democrat Congressman John Conyers, and acted like he deserved a Peabody Award for Civic Journalism.

Bill Steigerwald is clearly a hack. He refers to "The Countdown With Keith Olbermann" as "Keith Olbermann's fake MSNBC news show", and he refers to Keith as "openly liberal" with a style that "is easy to detest".

I'd like to know why it is that when anyone in journalism tells the truth they're instantly liberal. Olbermann's reporting on the screwball results of the e-voting machines was right on the money. The results are out of whack, and the only stories we're hearing about are the "outrageous" ones. The small ones slip by, the small ones aren't noticed. That's where the real fraud can occur.

Missing the point completely, and cherry picking his facts, this idiot tentatively makes the argument that "vote fraud" isn't really fraud if it doesn't change the outcome of the election.

I like to ask him how he can be so damn sure, that no voter fraud was committed. Especially since no one has looked! I'm amazed that he can be so damn arrogant.

...must be a member of the Faith-Based Community

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