Ukraine state TV Rebellion

BBC News

Journalists on Ukraine's state-owned channel - which had previously given unswerving support to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych - have joined the opposition, saying they have had enough of "telling the government's lies".

Journalists on another strongly pro-government TV station have also promised an end to the bias in their reporting. The turnaround in news coverage, after years of toeing the government line, is a big setback for Mr Yanukovych.

Don't you just wish the democrats had this kind of fight in 'em?

worthless, freaking cowards can't even get CNN to take responsibility for it's failed reporting.

when Americans can look to the Ukraine, and see what real freedom looks like, you know that there is something seriously wrong with America.

...and then junior jumps right into his cold war role of an American president taunting the Russians. I'd like to know where these "foreign leaders" get the nerve to stick their noses into someone else's elections!

Hey junior, Shut Your Fuckin' Mouth! That's what freedom looks like!

...maybe he's waiting for their version of a supreme court to "pick the winner".

fucking worthless, neo-con, piece of shit... What the hell would he know about a legitimate election?!?

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