The Religious Right's latest line of BullShit


On the day after President Bush was re-elected, he gave much of the credit to his political adviser, Karl Rove, whom he called “the architect” of his campaign. But in evangelical churches, on Christian radio, and in voter precincts dominated by conservative Christians, the credit is going instead to someone a whole lot more powerful: God.

The Almighty intervened in the U.S. election, these evangelicals believe, to allow Bush to remain president. They say God has “blessed” America with Bush--and had Sen. John Kerry been elected, God would have “cursed” the U.S. By allowing Bush to be re-elected, God has given America “more time” to stop its slide into evil.

By these moron's logic God blessed Germany with Hitler, and Cambodia with Pol Pot.

maybe bush is little more than a "necessary evil", and maybe people dumb enough to believe that they know what goes through the mind of an invisible man, should shut up while the adults are talking.

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