Porter Goss is wrecking the CIA


but since subscribing to WaPo sucks


John McLaughlin, who took temporary command of the CIA for three months this year during a wave of criticism of the spy agency, is retiring amid internal conflicts.

...former intelligence officials in touch with current agency personnel say there has been turmoil in recent weeks as new CIA Director Porter Goss tried to make changes and get settled in.


Officials as senior as former CIA Director George Tenet fumed at legislation approved by Goss' committee and the full House that said the CIA's Directorate of Operations "needs fixing."

The bill warned that without changes, the clandestine unit — the agency's most famous division — could become a "stilted bureaucracy incapable of even the slightest bit of success."

if the dems just stay the hell out of their way, I swear the republicans will destroy themselves.

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