The Big Three

Have you ever noticed how the republicans are always pushing three big ideas or themes? They change all the time, but there are usually three. During the election it was Terrorism, Gays and Abortion. Since then the Log Cabbin republicans and the Arlen Specters of the GOP have put a stop to two of those themes (maybe).

So now the big three are Iran,
too much sex, and democrats are racist.

...and whether the news cycle favors their agenda or not, really doesn't matter. Those are the three things they want Americans to think about.

...and as far as I can tell, the democrats don't have any themes or ideas. Infact the only DNC stories I can think of at the moment are "who's going to run the DNC?", and "Why does John Kerry still have so much money in his war chest?"

The next election is just two years away, and if the democrats want to win some of those house and senate seats, they'd better start pushing some themes that the 24 hour news networks can talk about.

...otherwise, they're gonna be left out of the conversation.


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