...custom made for the right?

Matt Drudge, this morning, is linking to a story in the NY Times about a cross burning in Long Island, New York.

So why is this news? A Google search for "police cross burning" will bring up hundreds of hits. So why does this one case demand so much attention?

Because it happened in the "blue state" of New York, and the story ends with a "morals" lesson:

The wife said that although her husband remained furious about the cross-burning, she felt that discussing the incident could help to prevent a recurrence.

"My feeling is, let's talk about it, let's get it out there," she said, adding that that her anger toward those who set the blaze had subsided after a few hours, and that she had made up her mind to pray for them.

"Vengeance is the Lord's," she said. "God will repay. That's what the Bible says."

Moral, God-fearing Americans attacked by racist, liberal New Yorkers?

The story published in the New York Times?

WTF?!? Is the right having it propaganda taylor made these days?

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