Cocain's a hell of a drug!

It looks like Rush may have fallen off the wagon...

Just listen to him spout off about this cartoon. He may need to get some therapy

On the left, a very thin and gawky, long-nosed George W. Bush holding on his left hand a parrot, a parrot that is drawn to look like Condoleezza Rice.

The exaggerations that are included here to illustrate Condoleezza Rice are just grotesque. Her hair, her lips, two buck teeth, her eyes, her nose and mouth are one unit, and they are about three inches long compared to the rest of her face, and Bush, as president, says to her, "How woodums wike to be secwetawy of state?" [sic] and the parrot that is a grotesque parody of Condoleezza Rice -- and it is racist and it is bigoted like nothing I have seen in I can't tell you how long. The parrot as Condoleezza Rice says, "Awwrk!! Ok, Chief! Anything you say, Chief! You bet, Chief! You're my hero, Chief!"

So let me get this right... Ridiculing junior's gap tooth, hand-picked yes woman, whose piss poor management skills may have been the cause of the U.S.'s inability to prevent the 9/11 attacks is racist?

She's a butt ugly, Arafat look-a-like because God made her that way, Rush.'s got nothing to do with her color.

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