Let the battle begin!

Experts Brace for Problems at Polls

Lawyers, election-rights activists and computer scientists fearing mayhem at the polls descended on Florida, Ohio and other battleground states Tuesday, vigilant for trouble with such contentious matters as provisional ballots and electronic voting machines.

Ohio Court approves intimidation

Giving a pre-dawn Election Day boost to the GOP, a federal appeals court early Tuesday cleared the way for political parties to send in people to challenge voters' eligibility at Ohio polling places. The U.S. Supreme Court [has] declined to step in.[big surprise there]

Rumor has it, john ashcroft's justice department had a hand in this. Scumbags...


Today is Election Day, and the stakes couldn't be higher: America is at war, and today the nation will... elect a warrior...
Today, vote for the warrior.

I had no idea that a republican scandal rag thought so highly of me ;)

Electoral Vote is down, but it hasn't updated since my last post. The prediction is still Kerry 298 Bush 231.

and that's it.

oh yeah, good morning.

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