I'm pissed

Ok. I just got done watching last nights Real Time with Bill Maher, and I've got a couple of observations. First off, the best thing about Andrew Sullivan is that he's gay... he should also really like Alan Simpson, because he's a dick.

And it seems the new republican talking point/strategy is to shove their morals and judgments down democrats necks, while pretending to be offended by liberal ideals. If you were to put it into slogans they might be: "You're snobby communists" "we're tired of being demeaned" "If you don't become just like us/find Jesus, we will never vote for you"

Let me make this clear to any republican who may stumble onto my little website...

We don't care what you think, and you can stick your vote up your ass.

At one point, Andrew Sullivan said:

"When the left have more issues with george bush than Saddam Hussein, that was a demonstration of their lack of moral values." [...] "Look at Fahrenheit 9/11, When Michael Moore portrayed the reign of Saddam Hussein as a peaceful, beautiful time which was disrupted by george w bush, then he showed the world what his moral values were."

Are these the moral values of the right? Lies?

Michael Moore didn't show the reign of Saddam Hussein as a peaceful, beautiful time. He showed the people of Iraq as a peaceful, beautiful people, and george w bush dropped bombs on them. Not on Saddam Hussein... on them.

How moral is that?


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