The call for Bipartisanship must be ignored.

Now listen. There's been a lot of talk about democrats needing to reach across the aisle, and work with the republicans to shape the nations agenda. Bipartisanship has become popular again, and even junior is vowing to reach out to people who share his beliefs. (don't strain yourself, chief)

But it's a trick, a fool's errand.

Let's say that a democrat agrees to help draft legislation X. It instantly becomes a hailed bipartisan effort. A shining example of left and right working together for the common good...

...and then Tom Delay gets his hands on it, and it is instantly stripped of anything the democrat wanted, and on top of that, riders are attached for things that no democrat would ever agree to.

And then it comes up to a vote, and all the democrats try to vote it down. Whether they succeed or not, is not important. It turns into "just another example of the extreme left in action", and some "outraged" mouthpiece for the RNC will go on Crossfire, Hardball and half of the Fox News line up, to tell people just how outraged they are.

They'll tell anyone who'll listen, how once again the evil liberals shot down a bipartisan effort just because they want to hold up the president's agenda.

...and no one in our failed media will call them on it, and once again, liberals will be labeled "out of touch with America".

Republicans are not someone liberals can reach out to. Politics is a war, and you don't reach out to the enemy during a war.

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