You may Have Already Eaten Contaminated Beef

United Press International

Federal investigators are looking into allegations by a former U.S. Agriculture Department inspector that the agency sought to cover up cases of mad cow disease, United Press International has learned.

Lester Friedlander, a former USDA veterinarian, told UPI he was questioned recently by two representatives from the USDA's Office of Inspector General who were investigating statements he made before Canada's Parliament in April.

"I told them I think there's a cover-up," said Friedlander, a 10-year veteran of the USDA who received official praise and recognition for outstanding performance during his tenure with the agency.

Mad cow is a concern to public health because humans can contract a fatal brain illness known as variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease from eating beef products contaminated with the mad cow pathogen.

Friedlander's claims include that a USDA official told him in 1991 not to say anything if he ever discovered a case of mad cow disease, and that he knew of cows that had tested positive at private laboratories but were ruled negative by the USDA.

If Friedlander's claims hold true, then those responsible need to be put against a wall, and shot in the head, Taliban style.

How many Americans are going to die because of this?

If the USDA is letting Americans die, just so the beef industry can show a profit, then heads need to roll...


Friedlander insists the agency attempted to force him out after he appeared on national television programs alleging that meat from downer cows -- those unable to stand -- was included in school lunch programs

Good God, they fed it to children.


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