Na-Na-Na-Na, Na-Na-Na-Na, Hey-Hey-Hey, Good-Bye!

“Satire is protected free speech in this country, even if you don't get it.”

-Al Franken

from File It Under

I'm also delinking our ex-sister blog. It seems Mr. Warrior is about as racist as they come. His latest, impossible to follow, logic devoid diatribe somehow takes his own racism and blames it on Republicans, or the south, or on pro illegal-immigration folks... I'm not too sure. It is Bush's fault somehow. That's always a given. It's the most irreverent pile o' crap yet and I've decided what little traffic we get doesn't need to go to that putz. So no more.

For the life of me, I don't see why a republican was linking to me in the first place, and it only shows that I've been going way too easy on 'em.

He doesn't seem to like the fact that I called his parties practices racist though. Too bad to. He could have filed it under, The Truth.

...then again, he would have probably would have just mocked me for not understanding how being exploitated is actually good for Mexicans. Blah Blah Blah.

My favorite part though, has to be the 'just another liberal blaming bush' tagline. If I blame bush, they just write it off. If I don't, they say 'why don't you just blame bush like you always do'. That way they never have to accept anything you say.

...but feel free to read the next post, it's the one that got him so upset.

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