There goes the neighborhood...


Pentagon on Friday proposed shutting about 180 military installations from Maine to Hawaii including 33 major bases, triggering the first round of base closures in a decade and an intense struggle by communities to save their facilities.

Wait for it....

Other major bases — including the Army's Fort Bliss in Texas, the Naval Shipyard in Norfolk, Va., and Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland — would see gains, as they absorb troops whose current home bases are slated for closure.

Yeah, like ya didn't see that comming.

But more to the point...

For years I've listened to republicans spew their hatred for Bill Clinton. The most sincere of which has revolved around his dodging of the draft, and his closing of military bases. So now that bush, who in the eyes of many is a draft dodger, is looking to close major military bases, I wonder if that hatred will be directed toward him.

I know one thing, they've played the "Clinton was bad for the military" card for the last time.

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