A Bunch of Crap!

I'm watching C-Span... some goofball broad is saying that illegal immigrants earn about 8 dollars an hour on average. Last week was some loon saying it was ten dollars.


The most realistic numbers that I've heard have half of all illegals working on farms, and being paid on a per basket picked ratio, and earning about $6.18 per hour.

...and not paying into Social Security, Medicare or anything else for that matter.

Do they really think that if picking apples paid 10 dollars an hour Americans wouldn't want the job? Get real. Tell it to my paperboy. He's 45 years old, and not all there, but even he knows a good deal when he hears it.

Then there's the "they do the seasonal work, no one else wants to" arguement. Seasonal workers draw unemployment durring the winter. Believe me. It's a sweet deal.

There's the "if you paid them more, things would cost more". No they wouldn't, competition fixes that, but the rich would get richer at a slower pace.

Goffy broad just said that, for every employed illegal, 3.1 (maybe 3.5) jobs are created. Imagine how many jobs could be created supporting a fairly paid American.

She just added that farmers, meat packers and constuction companies can't stay in business "obeying the law".


If you own a million dollar farm, you're not poor. You might be a whining shit with too much political cloat, but you're not poor.

The multi-milion dollar meat packing plant down the road from me. Pays Americans, pays them fair wages, and makes millions.

And if you pay some illegal immigrant to wire your house, don't be surprised if it burns down... "Que? Si. Si. Goood wire. Strong."

And another thing! Let's be real here. The average American does not work full time for 15 dollars an hour.

If you think the average guy walking down the street earns 15 dollars an hour, you need your head examined.

Cashier at a gas station, 5-6.
Cashier at Wal-Mart, 6.50-7.50.
Cashier at K-Mart 6.50-7.50.

You can stock shelves for a dollar more, but that's a third shift job.


Ingersol Rand $8.

Sylvania $6 for 6 months. then to $8. (after ten years, you might get to 12-15)

Dupont $10-12 (but most jobs require a 4 year degree)

Packing Meat $7-8

Lockheed Martin $10-25 (most jobs require a 4-8 year degree)

So how did the numbers get so out of whack?

Well for one, they include the CEO's

Right now the average CEO earns anywhere from 100 to 1000 times the average hourly wage of their employee's. So if a companies average worker earns $10 per hour their CEO earns 2-20 million a year. Depending on the size of the company.

My local hospital's CEO earns 3 million per year. And a Licensed Practical Nurse earns 30K, but the sea of assistants, techs, and support staff is lucky to get to 9.

Now the average job at my local hospital may pay 30k, but there's only 1 CEO, and about 200 janitors.

And by now most statisticians must know that the numbers are skewed. If for no other reason than in most articles they write, the terms average American "worker" and average American "family" are interchangable.

It really makes you wonder how much money the people comming up with these numbers make.

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Hoodlumman said...

Unskilled labor has never been a good way to make a living.