Unfit For Service

You know what? Let's get a little blunt here. Now, I know that a lot of democrats have been calling for the republicans and/or their children to go and fight bush's war, if they believe in it so damn much. They make a good point, but they are wrong.

The simple fact is that letting republicans into our military brings shame to our country.

The Abu Ghraib prison scandal should have been enough. It should have made it obvious to everyone the damage that a republican mentality can have on America's image. It sure as hell, should have been obvious after seeing the world's reaction.

Instead, the likes of Rush Limbaugh were allowed to turn it into a joke. Equating torturing prisoners to a college prank.

We even have generals who think it's fun to shoot people.

Ever since the 'war on terror' started, we have seen more and more abuses by our military. Isn't about time that we ask them to take some responsibility for their actions? And I'm not talking about scapegoating the soldiers unfortunate enough to get caught. I'm talking about systemic problems, brought on by having republican mentalities seep into military policies.

After all, we're supposed to be proud of our military, not ashamed of it.

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