More like Hitler than we thought.

bush marks anniversary of America's WWII victory over genocide, by forming a partnership with a government guilty of genocide.

from Democracy Now!

A major expose in the Los Angeles Times on Friday revealed that the U.S. has quietly forged a close intelligence partnership with Sudan despite the government's role in the mass killings in Darfur. The Sudanese government has since publicly confirmed it is working with the Bush administration and the CIA.

Eight months ago, former Secretary of State Colin Powell accused the Sudanese of carrying out a genocide in Darfur. Already 180,000 have died in the region from fighting or hunger. But relations appear to have since changed -- for the better. One senior Sudanese official [told] the LA Times that the country had achieved "complete normalization" of relations with the CIA.

Just another day in bush's America.

Maybe bush can have the soldier, that killed the most children, over to the White House, and hold his hand as they walk through the Rose Garden.

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