“Patriot Plates”

Oklahoma House of Reps

Legislation that would create a specialty license plate to help purchase body armor for Oklahoma’s military personnel has been approved by a House committee.

If the measure becomes law, Oklahoma drivers would be able to purchase “Patriot License Plates” to demonstrate support of local troops while contributing to their safety. For every $35 plate purchased, $20 would be deposited into a fund administered by the Oklahoma Military Department for the purchase of body armor for Oklahoma soldiers.

State Rep. Ryan Kiesel, D-Seminole, originally proposed the idea through House Bill 1420, but Monday the House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security chose to integrate his measure into House Bill 1286, which establishes new requirements for creating specialty license plates.

Wouldn't be in this situation if bush hadn't given out those tax cuts.

...and what about the Humvees?
Can they buy armor for them too?

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