Horse-Wanker Goes Abroad, and Attacks One of America's Greatest Presidents

Detroit News

Second-guessing Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Bush said Saturday the United States played a role in Europe's painful division after World War II -- a decision that helped cause "one of the greatest wrongs of history" when the Soviet Union imposed its harsh rule across Central and Eastern Europe.


"Certainly it goes further than any president has gone," historian Alan Brinkley said from the U.S. "This has been a very common view of the far right for many years -- that Yalta was a betrayal of freedom, that Roosevelt betrayed the hopes of generations."

Bush said the Yalta agreement, also signed by Britain's Winston Churchill and the Soviet Union's Josef Stalin, followed in the "unjust tradition" of other infamous war pacts that carved up the continent and left millions in oppression. The Yalta accord gave Stalin control of the whole of Eastern Europe, leading to criticism that Roosevelt had delivered millions of people to communist domination.

Scoring points for the far-right has never been so offensive...

Is this how he commemorates the end of WWII?

I'm sure the brits will love hearing about Churchill's failures.

Not to mention the hypocrisy of it. Criticize bush while he's out of the country, and the 'outrage' about it will be a major news story for a week. bush criticizes America's legacy while out of the country, and the media ignores it.

...What's that Matt? Breaking News on Paula Abdul? You've got an exclusive on Geena Davis?

....nice to see that you've got your priorities in order.

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Hoodlumman said...

Views of the far right, eh? Meanwhile the millions dead and still living that remember communist rule were probably just peachy with their oppressive, non representative and (particularly in Stalin's case) extremely deadly government.