C-Span's Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel

John Batchelor was just on C-Span...

Now I've never heard of him before, but upon seeing him, all I could think of was the Drusilla character from Buffy saying "'He's got cow eyes, big and black. Moooooooooo.... Mooooo..."

And as if that wasn't enough to get my skin crawling, the guy started telling republican campfire stories. When asked about the non-existant WMD he responded something like "A missile with one engine can reach (somewhere), but a missile with two engines can reach (somewhere twice as far I guess). So Let me ask you, where did the engines go? (Leaning in all cow-eyed) I know where they went. You need to find out where they went, (long pauses all through this) 'cause that's where Saddam's WMD is! (cow-eyes from hell bulging out) It's with the engines!

This loon offered other tidbits like "Iraq is nostalgia", and if you had a question about Iraq he would ignore it, because "Iraq is nostalgia", and you need to stop living in the past, I guess.

But the last time I looked Iraq was on the verge of civil war, and it's kinda hard to be 'nostalgic' about a country that is Right Now on the verge of civil war...

What a weird-o

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