Spotlighting Another Stolen Election

Tribune Media Services didn't syndicate Robert Koehler latest column about the 2004 election...

...but Editor & Publisher is shining a big ol' spotlight on it:

In his April 14 column, Koehler discussed various questions he thought about after attending the National Election Reform Conference in Nashville, Tenn., early last month. He asked why "the lines were so long and the voting machines so few" in many Democratic precincts, why "many otherwise Democratic ballots ... recorded no vote for president," why "virtually every voter complaint about electronic voting machine malfunction indicated an unauthorized vote switch from Kerry to Bush," and why the exit polls saying Kerry would win "went haywire."

Koehler also asked why America's media hasn't investigated this more, and quoted a conference speaker as saying: "When the autopsy of our democracy is performed, it is my belief that media silence will be given as the primary cause of death."

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Hoodlumman said...

Miss your meds this morning? Are you really going back to the stolen election crap?

You know why voting sucks in democrat precincts? Democrats are in charge.

When the autopsy is done on the democrat party what will they find? I'm thinking they'll find nothing, which is apparently obvious these days.