from Scarborough Country, April 25th

Joe Scarborough:

And, finally, Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know, this guy has been in so much trouble. He‘s got sagging poll numbers. He‘s got political groups criticizing his every move. And now the governator is making all his enemies‘ job easier. According to “The London Evening Standard,” Arnold recently went on Howard Stern‘s radio show and offered his theory on how to end premenstrual syndrome, saying—quote—“If we get rid of the moon, women‘s, whose menstrual cycles are governed by the moon, will not get PMS. They will stop bitching and whining.”

Hey, Governor, way to make 50 percent of California‘s voting population turn frigid towards you. I don‘t know how it works in Austria, but let me tell you something, friend. Jokes about such matters, not laughing subjects to women in America.

Oops... from WaPo

Great point, Joe! Except -- not to throw stones here -- Schwarzenegger never said those things. Scarborough (and apparently the London Daily Mail, not the Evening Standard) got duped. Howard Stern apparently has a Schwarzenegger impersonator on his show regularly, and he was the one rat-a-tat-tatting on about the dreaded PMS.

As a result, MSNBC tells us that Scarborough planned to right his wrong on last night's show and that it had taken 10 days to address it because, well, they were unaware of the mistake until we called. However, the Guv's office tells us that they called the show the day after it aired and pointed out the error. Hmm.

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