Americans just refuse to take responsibility for anything.

They refuse to see how their treatment of others comes back on them. While Limbaugh made jokes about Abu Ghraib, the Muslim world was treated to near weekly taped executions of American prisoners, and sympathizers.

...and the bobbleheads on tv cried out 'Why do they hate us?', never waiting for an answer.

They asked 'Why do they hate us?' after 9/11 too, but the only patriotic answer allowed was 'because they're evil'.

...boy that sure did a lot for the average American's understanding of the world...

Last week we had the so called Newsweek 'scandal', which amounted to the Whitehouse finally getting back at the tattletale. After all, the scandal is not that Americans tortured Muslim prisoners, and desicrated their religeon, it's that the media tattled on them.

This weekend republicans were shocked by protestors swamping Laura Bush. The only part of it that surprised me was that she made it out of there alive. 'Cause incase everyone forgot, junior just got a grenade thrown at him.

Where are the lawyers when you need them? You're possibly the most hated American president ever... and you send your wife to a mosque in Jerusalem?!?!?

He should be tried for attempted murder!

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