The world is passing us by


President Vladimir Putin signed a bill confirming Russia's ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, the Kremlin said Friday, clearing the way for the global climate pact to come into force early next year

Both houses of parliament last month ratified the protocol, which aims to stem global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Putin signed the bill on Thursday, the Kremlin said.

Without Russia's support, the pact — which has been rejected by the United States and Australia — could not have come into effect. It needed endorsement by 55 industrialized nations accounting for at least 55 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions in 1990.

The United States alone accounted for 36 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in 1990, while Russia accounted for 17 percent.

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi praised Russia's move as "a fresh start for policies to combat global warming. I warmly welcome it."

British Prime Minister Tony Blair also hailed Russia's ratification.

Eventually the rest of the world will advance beyond us technologically. Running cleaner and more sufficiently than the U.S., we won't be able to keep up. The dollar will continue to drop, and America will become the next third world.

just think about it...

Vladimir Putin is a raging "liberal elite" environmentalist, when compared to bush.

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