Talk dirty to me!

So it's time to rebuild.

Step 1.

No more John Kerrys. No Edwards, no Kucinichs, No Liebermans, and for Gods sake! NO MORE CLINTONS!!

Dean started something a few years ago, and he deserves to finish what he started. The future of this party is PROUD LIBERALS. Let Sharpton scream from the rafters! Do you see bush apologizing for Falwell?

Step 2.

No more Nader bashing! Nader should be loved by democrats, not pushed under the rug.

Step 3.

If "liberal" is a dirty word, then start talkin' dirty! Stop being ashamed to have liberal views! Stop with this "I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with my distinguished colleague" bullshit. Stand up and yell "That's the fuckin', stupidest thing I've ever heard!"

Ann Coulter's name should be treated like a four letter word, not Michael Moore's.

Repeat after me: Michael Moore tells the truth. Ann Coulter is a man. Matt Drudge is a propagandist. CNN is for conservatives. Rush Limbaugh is out of the main stream.

You're not "fair and balanced" you're a liberal, You're a partisan! Act Like IT!!!!!!

One liberal cannot fight off three conservatives on FOX. SO, STOP GOING ON FOX!!! Dis-own Alan Colmes. That guy makes us look weak! And he gets paid to do it!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Mike H.

I think we should rebuild too. Have you heard of this:

Its growing slowly right now, but steadily. What needs to happen is wild word-of-mouth support. If you could make some type of mention in your blog would be excellent.

Otherwise, keep up the good commentary.