Imus blogging

man am I tired, I feel like Imus looks... thank God for Spell Check!

Mike Barnicle says liberals can't win if they make fun of "people who say they've found Christ". Bob Jerkerson at LOP says "I was pinning all of my hopes on the youth vote turning out. I want to declare November "Slap a 20 Year-Old" Month."

I tend to agree with Bob.

Barnicle said something about "Vote or Die" too. Something like "Cleveland is dying, and they didn't vote!"

I think "vote or die" should be the theme of the day, and not just because I started the day with it, but because it feels like we've died. At least emotionally...

today should go down as "the liberal 9/11"

Imus is killing me "Is this the first time bush has stayed up all night without the use of drugs?", and he just asked his MSNBC correspondent Ann Thomson "Is this the first time you've stayed up all night without taking your clothes off?"


Oh Jesus, it's Dietl...

...isn't there an abused woman somewhere that he could be threatening instead of being on my tv?

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