Ann Coulter Embarrasses America

Ann Coulter was just on NWI: Face to Face, and she is completely insane. Insane beyond anything I've seen before.

I'm talkin' screwed in the head!

Q: Fox news wants to broadcast in Canada. What do you think about that?

Ann: Obviously it's the choice of millions of Americans over ABC NBC, CBS. I don't think FOX News, by the way, is particularly conservative. It genually is fair and balanced, but compared to years of liberal bilge, coming from TV, it looks like it's conservative.

Q: You're kidding me, right?

Ann: I think CNN is more conservative than Fox News is.

Q: These organizations are owned by conglomerates, that are for profit. They answer to the banks and shareholders.

Ann: That's nonsense, those are liberals. That's what I'm trying to say. This is a rumor about conservatives being the rich, liberals being the... How 'bout George Soros, how 'bout Barbara Streisand. They're all... All extremely wealthy people are liberals.

Q: ABC is owned by Disney. They're publicly held. They, they...

Ann: Disney?!? Have you been following Disney?!? It's all Gay Liberals!! 100 Percent!!

*crosstalking* Q: Are these organizations in the business of putting out a profit?

Q: Are you saying that businesses are in the business of putting out a product that undercuts their bottom line?

Ann: Yep. Oh-yeah. And it's changing now, because they have competition. That is absolutely true. Every few years hollywood puts out...

Q: They've been trying to put themselves out of business for years?

Ann: Hollywood puts another one of their pro-bono movies another one about America being racist. They always fail at the box office, but it's just another pro-bono project.


she just blathers on. it's painful...

Here's a few more bits and pieces:

"The old conservative view was... you know, 'Liberals are your master'"

"Since we've been in, we have found weapons of mass destruction... atleast rephrase it to 'We haven't found stockpiles'"

"I don't think there was a single op-ed page writer who supported the war. In the NY Times, in the La Times, in the Washington Post, so, you know, you can cite all your silly little studies, but I think it's kind of pointless.

"I remember Peter Arnett doing PR for Saddam Hussein and Tyrak Hatzis"

Q: Were [embedded] reporters examples of liberal bias.

Ann: No to the contrary as I've written. We only started to lose the war when the embedded reporters pulled out.


Ann: They believed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, which, I remind you again, HE DID! We haven't found his stockpiles. You can build stockpiles in 20 seconds.

Q: and David Kay, and I think that a number of U.S. officials in the government say that we never will.

Ann: Well, we sure won't now. That's a rather stupid point... of course he's not gonna build them now, he's not in power. He's sitting a rat hole.

Q: If the stockpiles existed?

Ann: Oh you never would have, because he's very reliable that Saddam.


Ann: What happened to the Canadians they're like old people. They used to be so great. Sendin' troops to Vietnam. Now all they give us is trouble.

Q: Last I checked we had troops in Afghanistan going into harms way at the behest of the United States of America.

Ann: *mumbling* There's nothin' but trouble from the north now.

Q: 2000 Canadian troops, 4 of whom killed when America dropped a bomb on them.

Ann: *mumbling* Used to be pro American. I think it's the French influence.

For the love of GOD, Someone find a transcript! I swear to God, at one point she compared America to Nazi Germany

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