America's Nightmare Begins

I still don't know how he did it, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Diebold machines in Florida had something to do with it, since going into this Kerry had a decent lead...

But he did, and America you get what you pay for, and your gonna pay for this:

Young people, who didn't vote, have chosen to DIE.

Get ready for the draft. Did you really think liberals were making it up? How long do you think junior can fight a war without troops? We have no allies, and the ones we did have are going to leave for sure now. junior is the posterboy for anti-Americanism.

Al Qaeda just got stronger

A lot of Middle East, and European countries have held the wishy-washy belief that Americans are good people, it's george bush that's evil. Not anymore. Americans have just elected what Europeans see as a tyrant, and, at best, Middle Eastern countries see as THE great satan.

A woman's Right to Privacy has ended

Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

Your Right to Privacy has too

The Patriot Act pt2 will come and go, and people won't even notice pt3 and 4. Your medical history, your favorite internet sites, your library reading habits, your income, even your political beliefs will first be tracked by our government, and then sold to the highest corporate bidder.

Racism has become popular, again

george w. bush, whose views on hate crimes can best be described as "dragging niggers with a truck is no worse than draggin white folk", will lead a holy war on the last group still considered ok to hate, gays. And it's already started.

This isn't a good day for America. The likes of rush limbaugh and bill oreilly have uneducated the country to the point that people support bush, like they support their favorite football team. No fact, just emotion.

This member of the Reality-Based Community, doesn't do that. Infact a large part of my spiteful soul is doing dancing at the news of a bush election. This country deserves to suffer. It's like a spoiled child that's been told not to touch the stove because it's hot. Admit it, when the kid gets burned, you enjoy it.

"I told you so" is a powerful thing...

...and America, I told you so.

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