You may have heard about Walmart's decision not to sell the new Daily Show book, because there's a fake pic of the supreme
court naked in the book, and Walmart says that, that's too much nudity... and so on, and so on...

So tonight on the Daily show (repeats tomorrow at 10:00 am and 7:00 pm EST) Jon Stewart set his sights on Walmart. While
pointing out that Mexican Walmarts are second only to American Walmarts in employing Mexicans (ouch) Jon takes note of
the following:

CNN (Mexico)

About 300 protesters, some wearing traditional Aztec headdresses and dancing to a steady drum beat, rallied
near the entrance of the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan on Sunday to protest the construction of a Wal-Mart-owned
store nearby.


The 2,000-year-old ruins, in a valley 25 miles (40 kilometers) northeast of downtown Mexico City, were built by
a little-known culture whose very name has been lost, and were abandoned hundreds of years before the
Spaniards arrived.

Construction of the store, which will bear the name of a Mexican subsidiary of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., is nearing
completion. The site can be seen from the top of Teotihuacan's major pyramids, but so can other commercial
developments built in the community nearby.

and this CNN (Hawaii)

Wal-Mart opened a store in Hawaii on Wednesday with hundreds of eager shoppers rushing past a handful of
protesters who accuse the giant retailer of desecrating ancient gravesites.


Native Hawaiian groups had tried to stop the opening until 44 remains of Hawaiians unearthed during construction
could be reburied at the Wal-Mart site.

"Wal-Mart's pitch is that it's slashing prices for you. In this instance, it's slashing graves," said Moses Haia, a
Native Hawaiian Legal Corp. lawyer who has filed a suit against the store.

it should also be noted that the stories only have 2 days between them...

...must have been a busy week

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