*please take note that this is a just never ending list of blogs that I find interesting.

They are in no specific order, and they are not affiliated with me, and even though many of the sites listed here share many of my personal views, most could care less about me. For that reason alone they are listed here, and not on my main page.

Why do I bother listing site that don't support me, and I don't support? Well... it helps my google ranking, and it gives me a link list for times when I am not at my computer.

(sites dubya doesn't like)

  • The Left Coaster

  • The Blue Lemur

  • Altercation

  • Wonkette

  • Unicorns Against Bush

  • Yahoo

  • Google

  • Amy's Robot

  • Tapped

  • Over/Spun

  • Left is Right

  • Yankee from Ms

  • Lawrence Lessig

  • Angry Finger

  • BushHatesAmerica

  • Operation Truth

  • Infrared

  • Moorcock's

  • George Soros

  • Am I Patriotic?

  • AMERICAblog

  • Drinking Liberally

  • Old Right

  • Conspiracy Penpal

  • See The Forest

  • Raven's Blog

  • Bush Watch

  • Change for America

  • overwhelmed and perplexed

  • Shake It Up Baby!

  • The Nation

  • Drudge

  • Daily KOS

  • FAIR

  • The Washington Post

  • Taegan Goddard

  • Andy Pac
    Steve Macek's Blog
    Counter Spin
    Estimated Prophet
    K Marx The Spot
    No War Blog
    Radioactive Quill
    Anthony Trumbo
    Shaking Spears
    Jim Momo
    Government NewsWatch
    Political Legal News
    Business NewsWatch
    Smoking Gun

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