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If you haven't been to Media Matters lately, here's some of what you've been missing.

Another John O'Neill lie: Kerry "would have let them [POWs] rot in jails"

On the June 30, 1971, broadcast of The Dick Cavett Show, Kerry debated O'Neill, whom former President Richard Nixon had urged to publicly counter Kerry on the show. During that debate, Kerry advocated for the return of the prisoners of war "prior to the arrival of that date [of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Southeast Asia]:

KERRY: I'd like to come back to that again. I keep making the point -- many people have made it, Clark Clifford, former secretary of defense, has made it. The newspapers have all made this point, that the prisoners of war, the question will be settled. It's not a question of negotiations. They have said it will be settled.

Now, if we were to set a date for withdrawal from Southeast Asia, we can -- the Vietnamese, first of all, have said it will be settled prior to the arrival of that date, but we can set a time limit on that. If the prisoners of war aren't back prior to the arrival of that date, then I think we would have -- for the first time in all of our history in Vietnam we would have a legitimate reason for taking some kind of reaction to it.

Pappas Telecasting Cos. donates $325,000 to run CA GOP ads

Media giant Pappas Communications, with TV and radio stations across the nation, will give $325,000 worth of air time on their stations for GOP candidates in many of California's hottest legislative elections. Pappas is abusing its access to the public airwaves — your airwaves — to sway close elections.

MMFA asks NBC not to feature Limbaugh on election night

veryone is entitled to his or her opinion, and the conservative point of view should be represented in the media. There are plenty of conservative pundits who make tempered, intellectually honest arguments. I take issue, however, with Limbaugh's dishonesty and vitriol. His lies and hate speech have no place on your network and our public airwaves.

there are day's when I'd like to quote the entire site.

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