Latest poll numbers

I'm sick of poll numbers, and I don't think they have a lot of value, but some people do, so I got these from The Left Coaster

Florida: Zogby shows Kerry halving Bush’s 4% lead Tuesday to 2% Wednesday night, and the Senate race to succeed Bob Graham is deadlocked.

Iowa: Kerry has moved into a tie with Bush.

Michigan: Bush has moved into a tie with Kerry, as the candidates appear to be moving in opposite directions.

New Mexico: Zogby reports that Kerry has closed to 3% behind Bush.

Nevada: Bush has built his lead to 7%.

Ohio: For the first time in four days, Kerry has moved ahead of Bush by 1%.

Pennsylvania: Kerry is 3% ahead of Bush.

Wisconsin: Kerry has turned a 3% deficit four days ago into a 4% lead tonight.

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