The Bill Oreilly Theme Song

A Parody of "It's Me Again Margaret" by Ray Stevens

Well there once was a feller named Bill O'Reilly.
and he like to talk dirty to his fellow employee.
Every evenin' about midnight he'd slip off alone.
And call the same lady on a thee telephone.

It's me again Andrea! (hee-hee-he-he-heee!)
Hello, is this Andrea? (haw-ha-ha-ha-haw!)
You might not know it Andrea...
But, I wanna falafel you. (hu-hu-hu-hu-huy!)

Well this upset the lady, and it gave her the blues.
So she called up her lawyer gonna sue that FOX News
Well the dirty old pervert filed a suit of his own,
but the pretty young lady had taped him on the phone.

It's me again Andrea! (hee-hee-he-he-heee!)
Hello, is this Andrea? (haw-ha-ha-ha-haw!)
Andrea. I just wanted to tell you, Andrea.
That I'm a' nekkid. (hee-hee-he-he-heee!)

Well they called up ole Bill and they told him "come on down",
To a funky old warehouse on the out skirts of town.
It was there that the lawyers with their eyebrows all raised.
Heard the words of that amoris man as he said.

It's me again Andrea! (hee-hee-he-he-heee!)
Hello, is this... is it Andrea? (haw-ha-ha-ha-haw!)
I know it's you Andrea!
I bet you can't guess what I'm doin'! (*thump-thump-thump-thump-hee-he-Whoo!-ha-he-hye

Well the puffin' and braggin' had all settled down.
and at the media outlets, they all started to frown.
and they cursed and they spit, wanted to cut their throats,
as news of a settlement offer broke.

It's us again Andrea! (boo-hoo-hoo-hoo)
We got him Andrea! (boo-hoo-hoo-hoo)
You ain't gonna settle, are ya Andrea?
Do you know what hearin' those tapes could do?

And when they get out Andrea We'll have a party with Chris Matthews, you can call him tweeterbird, and a Keith
Olbermann, and we'll eat some PEACH PERSERVES!!! We'll have a great ol' time Andrea! Just please please don't
settle atleast not 'till we hear the tapes!!!


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