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Bill O'Reilly's accuser blasted him for pursuing a campaign of sleaze against her - and warned that her 74-year-old dad is out for blood.

Andrea Mackris told the Daily News yesterday that the Fox talk-show host had "a lot to answer for, to his wife and to his God."

The campaign of sleeze she's refering to is Bo Dietl (who comes off as little more than a babbling retard) has been hired by
o'reilly to discredit her.

from The Abrams Report Oct. 15
(keep in mind Dietl works for the now disgraced right-wing talk show host bill o'reilly)

DIETL:...This case now we‘ve been brought in to investigate the allegation and also to investigate the person. The person that is supposedly sexually harassed.

ABRAMS: That‘s what I was going to ask you about. Were you hired to sort of dig up dirt on her?

DIETL: Well, there is dirt—dirt of course, we got everything. I mean already we‘ve been getting phone calls from people from all over the country that know this young lady and there‘s also some substantiation that Al Franken is an associate of hers. And there‘s a lot of things going on in this case. And as we‘re talking right now, we‘re developing the case now. As far as sexual harassment goes, you have all the attorneys—you know, talk about that. You know, you have two consenting adults talking about something. The only charge that‘s really a factor here is the extortion charge against her and her attorney against Bill O‘Reilly.

ABRAMS: But Bo, he either said it or he didn‘t say it. And that may be—we‘ll still have legal questions to discuss, even if he said it, that does not necessarily mean it‘s sexual harassment, if he said it.

DIETL: Well, I think—I think the most important thing here is you have the—you have a case against a well-known person, and they thought they were going to be able to shake them down. You have an extortionist, here. It‘s the only crime that‘s really active here. As far as two people talking to each other, she could have hung up the phone at any time. There‘s no case of sexual harassment there, and now what we‘re going to do, as investigators now, is take her credibility and show the court, if it ever goes there, her credibility falling apart.

Looks like Bo didn't waste anytime getting to work on his smear campaign. Too bad he let the cat out of the bag.

The Abrams Report Oct. 19

ABRAMS: There is a new development in the lawsuit against Fox star Bill O‘Reilly...Lisa Bloom of Court TV is with us and she has gotten another amended version of the complaint in this case...

LISA BLOOM, COURT TV: ...Her second amended complaint, which is going to be filed very shortly, alleges that News Corp., which is the parent corporation of Fox News and which also owns the “New York Post” is using the “New York Post” to run a series of smear pieces against Andrea Mackris. That‘s an element of retaliation.

Of course, we know that when someone accuses an employer of sexual harassment, the employer usually backs off and tries to appear squeaky clean, not doing anything negative towards that employee. Well Fox News has taken exactly the opposite attack and really gone on the offensive against her.

There was another piece today mocking her behavior in a bar and so on. So that‘s one of their new claims. They also claim that Bo Dietl, the investigator who appeared on your program Friday, Dan, also is an aspect of retaliation against Andrea Mackris because he threatened her. He said his job is to destroy her credibility...

ABRAMS: Did they quote our program in the motion?

BLOOM: They do quote MSNBC. It is paragraph 109 and 110. And they quote Bo Dietl as saying what we‘re going to do now as investigators is take Andrea Mackris‘ credibility and show the court if it ever goes there, it‘s falling apart. This is a message to people.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again 'Andrea Makris is a fighter', and from the looks of things she's running circles around
o'reilly and FOX.

...and anyone who has ever seen the glory hogging Dietl on Imus In The Morning has to wonder; What the hell was FOX and
o'reilly thinking when they hired him?

They should have known that it would backfire.

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