Laura Ingraham; The Ann Coulter Wannabe.

I listened to Laura Ingraham last night on Larry King, and she's a total joke. She went on and on about how Kerry was out of order for critisizing bush, after the bin laden tape came out. When one of the other panelists pointed out that bush did the same thing to Kerry, she said 'so what' that 'that's just campaigning'... Even Larry was asking her 'what the hell's your point?'

And then, she acted like bin laden had endorsed Kerry just by making the tape. Excuse me?!?

I'd like to point out that bin laden probably knew exactly what he was doing, and that he was probably trying to get bush elected.

bush is the posterboy for anti-americanism.

Like Rumsfeld said "We are making enemies faster than we can kill them", and bush is the key to good recruitment.

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