It's not my fault! They blew 'em up!


An Army unit removed 250 tons of ammunition from the Al-Qaqaa weapons depot in April 2003 and later destroyed it, the company's former commander said Friday. A Pentagon spokesman said some was of the same type as the missing explosives that have become a major issue in the presidential campaign.

But those 250 tons were not located under the seal of the International Atomic Energy Agency -- as the missing high-grade explosives had been -- and Pentagon spokesman Larry Di Rita could not definitely say whether they were part of the missing 377 tons.

If you missed this press conference, you really missed a hell-of-a show. A snake oil show, but a show none the less. They are really trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes here. First they send out one of Rumsfeld's butt buddies from the pentagon, and with him is Major Austin Pearson (a.k.a. Private Patsy). Then they proceed to confuse the fuck out of the press.

Private Patsy told his story about how he went to the Al QaQaa storage facility, and took some of the explosives away. He claimed to have taken said explosives away 5 days before the ABC video was shot showing the 380 tons of explosives.

Wasting the opportunity to expose the militaries covert use of time machines, the media simply asked " What?!?!"

Of course Private Patsy didn't claim to have removed the 380 tons in question. He simply claimed to have started the process of destroying what was stockpiled at Al QaQaa. He didn't know how much was left behind, but we have video showing that it was A LOT. He never returned to Al QaQaa, so just like the president, Private Patsy doesn't finish what he starts.

At the end of the day republicans will point to this press conference as proof that the explosives were destroyed. They will be lying, but since when has that ever stopped 'em.

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