bush's Bad News Trifecta

The latest republican spin on the missing explosives, I kid you not, is that they prove Saddam was trying to make WMD's....

So in other words Saddam had WMD's, and bush lost 'em.

So, how the hell is that gonna help bush?!? Lord knows that I wasn't gonna vote for him, but after hearing about how he let Saddams WMD's slip right through his fingers, I just can't help myself! Now I have to vote for him!

It gets worse for, junior.

BunnyGate Update (AP)

The Pentagon extended a Halliburton Co. contract for 11 months beyond its expiration despite warnings that the company was "out of control" in its work providing troop support in the Balkans, government memos showed.

"There is little or no incentive for the contractor to reduce or keep cost down," senior Army contracting officer Bunnatine Greenhouse wrote her bosses in January 2002 after a review of Halliburton's performance.

Nearly three years later, Greenhouse wrote her superior this month that it was inappropriate for the government to extend the $2 billion contract for Vice President Dick Cheney's former company

and finally...

Bin Laden lives. For three years it's been bush vs. bin laden. We heard "he can run but he can't hide" turn into "I don't know where he is. You know, I just don't spend that much time on him. . ." We heard "dead or alive" turn into "I truly am not that concerned about him"...

So now as you look at a healthy, well tanned bin laden, you should be livid!

bush thought Iraq was the real threat, it wasn't. bush thought that Iraq would pay for rebuilding itself with it's own oil, it hasn't. bush said the people of Iraq would welcome us as liberators, they're fighting us for freedom from us.

Iraq was the wrong war. At the wrong time. For the wrong reason.

...and bin laden's living proof.

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