Weekend at Terri's

Terri Schiavo isn't brain-dead. She isn't brain damaged.

She doesn't have a brain.

If you stop by and read Alas, a blog you can see Terri Schiavo's CT scan, and read a very factual discussion of her situation.

Everything else is bordering on the absurd.

Congress thinks it has the right to void the ruling by the Florida courts just because they didn't like their ruling, I think the Florida court should hold Congress in contempt, and throw 'em all in the pokey.

But that's just the begining, Drudge is linking to... to use his words...

SCHIAVO AUDIO: 'Responding to her father on Friday, immediately following the removal of her feeding tube'...

The link doesn't work, 'cause it's bullshit, but that's expected from Drudge.

What I can't get over is the visual it evokes, republicans looking like Newt Gingrich with divorce papers, hovering over Terri's bed, bumping her elbow and yelling "She Moved!"

It's like the parrot sketch from Monty Python. John Cleese could walk in playing the doctor. And they should have a "re-elect the GOP" banner hanging over her bed.

Tom Delay: Nononono! 'She's resting!

Cleese: All right then, if she's restin', I'll wake her up!


Cleese: 'ELLO, TERRI! I've got a lovely fresh bowl of jello for you if you wake-e wake-e...(Tom Delay nudges her arm)

Delay: There, She moved!

Cleese: No, she didn't, that was you nudging her arm!

Delay: I never!!

Cleese: Yes, you did!

Delay: I never, never did anything...

Cleese: (yelling louder) 'ELLO TERRI!!!!! This is your nine o'clock alarm call!

(Picks up Terri. Throws it up in the air, and watches her plummet to the floor.)

Cleese: Now that's what I call a dead patient.

Maybe they can get that kid sueing Michael Jackson to say she touched him while they're at it.

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