2 + 2 = Dead Dolphins?

I can't be sure but...

from CNN

The U.S. research ship Maurice Ewing left Mexico Tuesday...

Environmentalists opposed the ship's activities, arguing that the seismic technology could harm sea life including whales, which use sound waves to communicate.

from Sun-Sentinel.com

About 49 dolphins stranded themselves Wednesday off the Florida Keys and more than 20 were in a nearby canal or boat channel, officials said.

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Geoff Davis says that I'm way off, and he says (here) that the Ewing "concluded seismic operations several weeks ago"

He could be right, but it's not like the Ewing hasn't been charged with this before. And this MSNBC piece sums everything up pretty well.

We need more research here.

What is known is frightening, and if it isn't safe for humans what makes people think it's safe for anything else?

...and what about the effects of long term exposure?

How can "don't worry about it" answer so may questions?

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Geoff said...

There is absolutely no connection here. The Ewing concluded seismic operations several weeks ago.

If you are looking for your smoking gun, please try elsewhere.