Monday sucks...

First of all, I'm sick... (might have been something I ate)

Second, Blogger is... s... l... o... w...

So Im just gonna do one super sized post, and hope that blogger doesn't eat it.

So let's start with those beached dolphins, the AP is reporting that:

A day before the dolphins swam ashore, the USS Philadelphia had conducted exercises with Navy SEALs off Key West, about 45 miles from Marathon, where the dolphins became stranded.

The Italian Reporter, that U.S. troops opened fire on, thinks she was targeted.

from the Washington Times

Miss Sgrena, a reporter for the Communist daily Il Manifesto, charged yesterday that U.S. forces might have deliberately targeted her because Washington opposes Italy's policy of dealing with kidnappers.

"The United States doesn't approve of this [ransom] policy and so they try to stop it in any way possible," the veteran war reporter, 57, told Sky Italia TV.

...and then there's Warren Buffet who's getting rich by betting against the U.S. Dollar. From the Guardian Unlimited

In his annual letter to investors in Berkshire Hathaway, the fund he has run for more than 30 years, Mr Buffett painted a bleak picture of a future US in which ownership and wealth had continued to move overseas, leaving the economy in thrallto foreign interests and faced with financial turmoil and political unrest.

Which ties in nicely with Hillary Clinton getting the Weasel Award for supporting outsourcing. To her credit though, she did rip bush a new asshole for his attacks on family planning clinics.

But my favorite story this morning has to be this one about Bill Clinton. It's just a simple story about him sleeping on the floor, so that bush sr. could sleep in the bed.

...and yet, it's such a powerful reminder of what made Bill Clinton such a beloved president. Good deeds. He used to do them all the time. Simple little things done just for the sake of being good.

I miss that.

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