Fuck Porter Goss

I had such a shitty day today... blogging was the last thing on my mind...

and then I read this:

from the AP

CIA Director Porter Goss defended U.S. interrogation practices and rejected any notion that the intelligence community engages in torture following months of criticism of Americans' treatment of foreign prisoners.

Telling such a bold faced lie in public should be a crime. It should carry the death penalty too. Scumbags like Goss have done more damage to America than any Al Queda attack could have done.

Less than a month ago I posted this:

One Army guard, Sgt. Jeffery Frost, said the prisoner's arms were stretched behind him in a way he had never before seen. Frost told investigators he was surprised al-Jamadi's arms "didn't pop out of their sockets," according to a summary of his interview.

Frost and other guards had been summoned to reposition al-Jamadi, who an interrogator said was not cooperating. As the guards released the shackles and lowered al-Jamadi, blood gushed from his mouth "as if a faucet had been turned on," according to the interview summary.

Let's string up Goss and see if blood gushes from his mouth.

Let's string him up, and ask him if it feels like torture.

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