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Congressional leaders announced a compromise between Senate and House Republicans that would allow the brain-damaged woman's case to be reviewed by federal courts that could restore her feeding tube. Opposition waned after House leaders agreed to give up broader legislation and accept a narrowly crafted bill that applied only to Schiavo's case.

Well isn't that nice republicans compromising with republicans.... or maybe that should read republicans conspiring with republicans...

So what do they expect the federal court to rule? Do they think the Florida court did something wrong? No... The Florida court made the right decision. They gave Michael Schiavo (Terry's husband) the power to make the decision on whether or not to remove Terry's feeding tube...

...and that's it. If you don't want to be on life support, you don't have to be. And if you're incapacitated in a way that prevents you from deciding for yourself (in Terry's case, she is in a vegetative state) your family gets do decide your wishes for you.

So who decides? All too often, children become estranged from their parents, so the courts have traditionally favored the spouse when it comes to such hefty decisions.

...and if the federal courts are going to make the same decision as the Florida courts, then what's the point?

The point is that Jeb Bush can't be held accountable for what a federal court does.

That's right, it's all about re-electing Jeb Bush, and if they have to kick Terry around a bit to do so, they will.

Enter Peggy "The Capital Cunt" Noonan.

Peggy says that "If Terri Schiavo is killed, Republicans will pay a political price." and "Politicians, please, think of yourselves!"

...and if that wasn't blatant enough she adds:

"A final note to the Republican leadership in the House and Senate: You have to pull out all the stops. You have to run over your chairmen if they're being obstructionist for this niggling reason and that. Run over their egos, run past their fatigue. You have to win on this. If you don't, you can't imagine how much you're going to lose. And from people who have faith in you."

There you have it, Peggy Noonan making a desperate plea to all republicans to save their party, to get re-elected, to use Terry Schiavo to score political points, to exploit her for all it's worth.

Bravo Peggy... Bravo.

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